Arguments Over Washing Machines: Man Goes on Rampage Over New Girlfriend’s Ex

According to the South Northumbria Magistrate’s Court, 31-year-old Scott Harrison threw bricks at a car and house after he learned what his new girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend did to her. The man wanted to teach the former partner of his new partner a lesson. His falling out with the man came about because he removed a washing machine that he shared with his ex-girlfriend as a couple. Mr. Harrison essentially wanted revenge for his girlfriend, feeling as though her ex gypped her by taking the washing appliance into his custody instead of, for example, paying her his half of the money they shared for it.

What Happened?

* The male partner wanted to keep the appliance after the split and did so by “stealing it” and replacing it with a secondhand version. The current partner of the ex-girlfriend of the man caught wind of it and sought revenge in the form of destruction of private property and possible plans of stealing the washing appliance back.

* According to Harrison during the police interrogation over his actions, the ex-boyfriend of his current girlfriend was no stranger. In fact, he knew the man for two decades. That would make them childhood friends (or perhaps acquaintances or even enemies). He intended to teach him a lesson he won’t forget in regards to what he perceives as poor treatment of women. Learn about Your appliance engineers to get your washing appliance fixed.

* Harrison, ironically, smashed another car window in a separate argument with another female. This belies his statement and gives the impression that he has anger management issues rather than a justified crusader unleashing his righteous indignation over a “deserving” target. Harrison admits to criminal damage around October 4, 2016 and another incident on February 10, 2017.

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